About Celtic Stonescaping...

Celtic Stonescaping specializes in the creation of stone walls, patios, and pathways. Working with natural stone and concrete pavers the Scale brothers and their team craft stunning stonescapes in a variety of styles, from modern minimalist to the classic old world style of their native Wales. Peruse the gallery and projects pages and let the work speak for itself.

...See Our Stonework

  • Dry Stack Walls

    The principles of dry stone walling are the same today as they were for the Romans. Their empire fell but not their walls, testimony to the solid dependability of thoughtfully placed stone. Principally built using locally quarried Basalt, these walls add timeless character to your home.

  • Mortared Walls

    Some situations, such as keeping the sea out, require artfully built mortared walls. These are built on a solid foundation with a drain system set up behind to alleviate any pressure on the wall, and can be built with your choice of stone.

  • Steps and Stairs

    To get you up and down safely, these steps and staircases are quite striking in themselves. As well as being practical, they make a lovely feature; bold and rugged or elegant and smooth, reflecting each homes unique character.

  • Natural Stone Paving

    Where form and function go hand in hand, there is nothing to equal the character and durability of natural stone. From cobbles to flagstone, the extreme longevity and low maintenance make natural stone paving a perfect choice for high quality projects.

  • Interlocking Pavers

    Concrete pavers offer the ultimate in adaptive design. The large selection of products can be used in a wide variety of patterns to reflect your personal style, from understated to dramatic.