Dry Stack Walls

The principles of dry stone walling are the same today as they were for the Romans. Their empire fell but not their walls, testimony to the solid dependability of thoughtfully placed stone. Principally built using locally quarried Basalt, these walls add timeless character to your home.

8ft Basalt Retaining Wall with candle holders

Free standing basalt wall in front, basalt planters behind.

Mortared Basalt seating wall with Mocha Sand Stone Caps
surrounding Mica Goldrush FlagStone Patio

Basalt retaining wall with built in columns (view at 4th ave and Tolmie, Vancouver)

Basalt dry stack with set back leading to stairway

Curved basalt dry stack

Basalt Drystack walls with two candle holders and Limestone pavers

Basalt dry stack (note chisel work)

Basalt dry stack walls, steps and planters

Basalt dry stack wall

Basalt dry stack